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Mother and Child


Our Safety Guidelines

Mission For Safety During The Pandemic

Our mission for safety is the same as it's always been - to keep our children protected, happy, and healthy. It is our top priority to ensure that EVERY child & parent feels comfortable allowing their children to learn here. Open communication, using the best disinfectants/products, and implementing new policies are just a few ways we've stepped up our health & safety game.

Health & Safety 

Here are just a few ways we are keeping  your kids safe.

  • All children (& adults) aged 2 and above MUST wear a mask.

  • Any sign of symptoms means the parents must take the child home immediately. 

  • Sanitizing and disinfecting after every use of a toy/desk/object is a MUST.

  • Hand washing every-time we move from room to room or from outside to inside is also required.


Hand Washing Stations

Clean Hands Save Lives.

New handwashing stations have been implemented and approved by inspectors to ensure the best possible safety for your children. All handwashing stations feature a touch free soap dispenser, plenty of paper towels, a stepping stool for better reach, and signs to remind children how to wash their hands.


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Our center is spacious, and we adhere to a strict 1:4 teacher to student ratio to ensure that the children are able to social distance as much as possible. We know it's virtually impossible to keep little ones apart, but we'll do our best in classroom settings and whenever else we can. 

Desks in classrooms are 6 feet apart and resting areas - such as benches, hammocks, and pillows, are strategically placed at least 6 feet apart to ensure children are taking breaks far enough apart from each other.

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