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Tiny Scholars Daycare


Our Vision

At Tiny Scholars Daycare we believe that the best way for children to learn language is to be immersed in it through play, songs, stories and fun activities. Research has shown that children are most receptive to speaking a new language when they start at an early age. We believe that each child has a personal pace and a unique way of developing physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. It is the role of the teacher to build on the things children are able to do in each of the growth areas by creating a rich environment and encouraging children to explore.


The Perfect Learning Environment

Center Anchor

Where Kids Learn

"Play is our brain's favorite way of learning."

- Diane Ackerman

Our center features 2 newly renovated playrooms and a brand new classroom designed for optimal learning. We believe that young children still need individualized attention, which is why we have a low ratio of 1:5 teacher to student ratio, and 1:3 for our Chinese Mandarin Immersion class.  We are licensed through the state of California, License #197419752. Please contact us to schedule a tour of our home daycare!



Learn About Our Teachers

Staff Anchor

Teresa Kaufman

As the Director and Founder of Tiny Scholars Daycare, Miss Teresa is extremely passionate and dedicated to the education of your children. She is an alumna of  California State Polytechnic University, Pomona with a degree in Liberal Studies and a strong emphasis in Early Childhood Education.


She worked in early childhood education for 8 years before starting her own daycare here at Tiny Scholars.  She understands that you are trusting us to care for your child, and she takes this responsibility very seriously.


Our large family daycare meets all the requirements established by the State of California Community Care Licensing. Tiny Scholars Daycare offers a Chinese daycare with a dual immersion preschool curriculum for children ages 2-5.  


The teachers are ready to enrich your children’s educational experience and begin their foundation to becoming proficient in Chinese Mandarin.


Erica Stewart

Ms. Erica has been with Tiny Scholars when it first opened its doors in 2015. She began her experience working with children by volunteering her time as a teacher’s aid for kindergarten and grades 2-5, which included special need classes. She also tutored elementary students after school during her high school years.


During her seven years with Tiny Scholars, she was inspired to further her education by enrolling herself in school. With over 18 ECE units completed, she is currently continuing to pursue her passion and knowledge in teaching early childhood education and development.


Ms. Erica’s philosophy is that each child is unique in his or her own way. She truly enjoys acknowledging children’s personal interests and strengths which allows her to provide an environment and learning opportunities that best assist each child's individuality, growth and development.


Learn About Tuition & Lunches


For more information about our tuition and rates, please contact Miss Teresa at (310) 879-0722 or email us at



"Every time you eat is an opportunity to nourish your body." - Unknown

At Tiny Scholars Daycare, we provide breakfast, AM and PM snacks, as well as lunches for our students. We enjoy enriching our students occasionally with Chinese style lunches to help students embrace Chinese culture!

Hours & Location

Hours of Operation

School's in Session

Monday - Friday

Full Day:

8:00AM - 5:30PM

Half Day:

8:00AM - 1:00PM

Need More Information?

Contact us for any questions, comments, or concerns


1720 Harriman Ln

Redondo Beach, CA 90278

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